ECU Professor hosts new Channel 9 TV show featuring ECU Race Team

Edith Cowan University (ECU) is set to feature in Channel 9's hit new show Innovation Nation.

ECU Professor hosts new Channel 9 TV show featuring ECU Race Team
ECU Professor Andrew Woodward is a guest presenter on the new show.

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Showcasing Western Australia's top researchers, creators and innovators – amongst them the ECU Race Team.

ECU School of Science Professor Andrew Woodward is a guest presenter on the new show. Episode 3, which aired on Sunday April 21 Channel 9, at 3.00pm WST, being his first outing.

In this episode Professor Woodward featured the WA company behind the creation of a "super lupin". The innovators revealing how much protein one lupin really can pack thanks to some clever science and innovation.

ECU Race Team will make their debut appearance on the silver screen, taking viewers on a wild ride into the future of AI race cars.

Local talent all round

Innovation Nation is locally produced by Trevor Cochrane's Guru Productions, who with co-founders Brad Hill and Christina Morrissey was motivated by the strong desire to share the stories of the amazing Australian innovators.

The show presenters include veteran journalist Deborah Kennedy, who many will recognise as ABC 7pm weeknight newsreader for over a decade.

Innovation in the spotlight

Show founders hail innovation as the root cause of all aspects of human advancement; from harnessing fire, hunting and gathering, farming, the industrial revolution, the telephone or space flight, the internet and now AI.

"We all know about Australia's rich resources, fertile farmland and wide open spaces, what is less know is the undercurrent of ingenuity, of problem solving that in many cases is leading the world in solving some of the really issues," said Innovation Nation TV Founders.

"By sharing these stories, by celebrating the innovators, the teams of entrepreneurs and founders, we pave the way for both investment into and the adoption of these world leading solutions."

Make sure you keep tuning in, so you don't miss ECU's Racing team and more exciting innovations from across the State.

We talked to Professor Andrew Woodward about his role in Innovation Nation TV show and how it came about.

"My role on the show is as a guest presenter, and I have shot four stories to date for the series. Christina Morrissy, a long-time friend, asked me to help out with some background material for the show, and when a presenter pulled out at the last minute, they asked me to present a few stories," said Professor Woodward.

"Given my background in plant biology and cyber security (odd mix, I know!), they thought my knowledge would help to flesh out some insights about the very cool innovations that we are featuring on the show.

"I have done quite a few media appearances on the receiving end of the interview, and I can tell you, being on the giving end is a whole other ball game!"

Talking about super lupins

Professor Woodward said this is a genuinely fascinating and exciting story and you'll have to watch the segment to learn the really interesting facts.

"I don't want to give too much away, but this story looks at a little WA company who have developed a process that turns lupin seeds into a superfood, with protein content rivalling that of soybean, but with a number of significant benefits!"

ECU Race Team features

"Unmissable… off road race cars, innovation, invention, ECU students, and me contorting myself to get in and out of a race car!

Woman on left in racing shirt and shorts leaning on blue racing car talking to man in navy pants and blue long sleeved shirt also leaning on car on the right
ECU Race team member talks with Innovation Nation TV presenter, Professor Andrew Woodward

"This is another great story that showcases ECU's amazing ability to engage with industry. A local off road race enthusiast is working to bring formula 1 tech to local racing, alongside ECU academics, and to involve ECU students in development and racing. This project will have some really interesting applications across a range of sectors, such as agriculture and defence, so it's very exciting!"

My message to the ECU students who have dreams of being innovators one day

"There is no 'magic sauce' - believe in yourself, and your ideas. One of the solutions you develop could be the next million-dollar startup!"